Logo Design

The logo for NADSN was created in October 2014 by Rachel Shillcock, a disabled professional freelance web and user interface designer, at no charge!!!

Rachel based her design on Scott Elias’ original idea of stars!

nadsn-logo-stacked-mediumRachel described her design for the NADSN logo as follows:

My idea for the logo is this: simple, clear typography with a mark that can be used as a brand symbol. The idea behind the mark is this: The main star at the front represents each person, and every single person is unique – as is every star. In that same way, every person’s disability is going to be unique in the way it affects them. Then the extra (rotated) star behind the first is to show the network of other people, so that it’s showing not just the one star/person alone. Then the background (that matches the edges of the star in the forefront) is like the container for it all, which is NADSN or the group of people behind it.

I did try brighter combinations but the contrast ends up becoming too harsh – I also tried some different colours such as purples and reds, but then the contrast was too low. At the moment, for the style of the icon, this is about as far as we can push it with the colours. They work well in black and white and when I tested them in the various colour-blindness simulators I have at hand, they worked well with those as well. (I went through about 16 colour combinations to get to that one! So I did check lots of them.)

We will remain grateful to Rachel for this awesome gift!